Right arm weak after spinal fusion

by Eric
(Bay Area California )

Which fingers tingle in your right arm?

Which fingers tingle in your right arm?

I have nerve damage after surgery.

My chest was severely bruised and I have numbness in my right forearm and right leg.

My surgery was July 2 2014 and my condition is getting worse.

Hello Eric,
I'm sorry about your tale of woe; spinal surgery is a risky business; did anyone warn you?

There are a lot of imponderables; often patients get up to silly buggers long before time; was there anything significant that could have provoked these symptoms; in all honesty, did anything happen whereby you brought it upon yourself?

That severe bruising of the chest bothers me; I presume you are talking about cervical spine surgery; there's no reason whatsoever why you should have had that bruising. No one will admit it, but perhaps you were dropped from the table, or who knows what.

Of great concern is that you now have spinal cord symptoms; something in your neck is affecting both the nerve to your arm, but also the one to your leg; it's called spinal stenosis. Did you have any lower back and leg pain prior to surgery? It is possible to have both a lower back and neck problem.

I would presume you've been back to the surgeon. What did he have to say? Have you had a followup MRI to assess spinal cord pressure?

My best thoughts are firstly to get a cervical traction device, and use it every day for a couple months; they're not too expensive.

And secondly go for a second opinion from another surgeon; in fact, you've probably already done that. Don't undergo another operation from the same dunce!

Try and determine just which action is weak in your arm; the most common one is elbow extension; the triceps muscle. Is the reflex normal? Ask, if you're not sure.

I wish I could be more positive; you're between a rock and a hard place. I doubt if any chiropractors would take on your case, but you might try. Ask your medical doctor for the name of a very experienced DC.

Gather together as much information as you can; what increases the tingling in your arm and leg, exactly which movement feels weak, what effect does turn your head have, and does raising your arm increase or decrease the symptoms?

Good luck, let me know what transpires.

Dr B

» Right arm weak after spinal fusion

Dr B

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