Right arm tingling, rt shoulder rotator cuff issues, hump at base of neck

Ten yr ago before our move, a chiropractor said I have two curvitures and my neck curves forward. We were in a bad car wreck when I was 10yr old, bad whiplash...

I am small, a runner, and mid fourties...keep active, lift weights some...
I have a desk job, which agravates
My rt shoulder which is hurting,seemingly rotator cuff. I have three fingers on rt hand that tingle.
he curve between my shoulder blades makes my right lats feel like they have charley horses constantly.

Any exercises help? I don't have much money, so am leary of going to the doctor..
thank you.

Hello Colleen,
You are in a difficult place, I'm afraid. You obviously have a serious chiropractic condition resulting from the accident. When you have tingling down the arm, neglected it will lead to numbness and weakness in the arm.

The rotator cuff signs are just the beginning of those arm symptoms.

I wouldn't do weights at the moment. Stretching out the brachial plexus will only aggravate the tingling.

You are obviously already reasonably fit, and I'm afraid that I doubt that exercises would significantly help that pinched nerve in the neck. A home traction unit might...

You've saved a lot of money by having no insurance. Now's the time to spend some of those savings on seeing a local chiropractor. Do it, or you there's a very real prospect of major neck surgery.

Take your X-rays with you.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

> > Right arm tingling, rt shoulder rotator cuff issues, hump at base of neck

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