Right arm numbness, tingling, and the list goes on!

by Eva
(Arkansas, USA)

Beginning on 2/5/16, my right arm and hand "went to sleep" while having dinner. My blood pressure was high when I went to the emergency room. I do not have a history of hypertension.

Paresthesia was the E.R. diagnosis.
Followed up with my primary care and diagnosed as cervical radiculopathy.

The pins and needles feeling passed but the arm remains numb/less sensitive to touch, temperature, etc. I also continue to get burning, tingling, and electric shock sensations radiating down my right arm.

CT didn't show evidence of stroke. Blood pressure returned to normal.

Cervical x-rays showed C-4,C-5,C-6 osteophytes and degenerative changes.

EMG was "normal" despite significant changes in my ability to use my right arm.
I am scheduled for a cervical MRI.

I'm also now getting pins and needles in my right foot and pain and numbness radiating from the right front of my neck up through my jaw and lower lip. My tongue sometimes gets numb too. I've become clumsy and uncoordinated. I live in constant pain.

Heat and getting overheated exacerbates my symptoms. I'm constantly exhausted. I used to love coffee but now find that I have zero tolerance for caffeine. If I drink any thing with caffeine, I feel like I can see sound,ie very jittery,racing pulse,clammy, on edge.
I am prescribed gabapentin,norco,and amitryptiline to manage my pain.

I have a half sister (and had an aunt who had) multiple sclerosis.
My question is does this sound like radiculopathy? Or is it more like multiple sclerosis? What could chiropractic do to help?

Hello Eva,
Thank you for an informative and comprehensive report.

The MRI of your brain is very necessary; it will confirm if demyelination of the nerves is occurring. Certainly a full assessment by a neurologist is indicated. Has your eyesight been affected?

An attack of this nature is very scary, hence your "white coat" high blood pressure.

Certainly the degenerative changes in your lower cervical spine could account for the tingling and numbness in your arm, but not in your face and tongue.

My advice is to go through the medical mill before consulting a chiropractor. That's what I would recommend if you were sitting in my consulting rooms. Once they have ruled out MS, then that's the time to consider a local DC.

Important for you is to work out exactly where in the arm you get the tingling and numbness, and whether movements of your neck provoke them.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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