Rib pain treatment / Maignes syndrome exercises

by Matt

Rib pain treatment / Maignes syndrome exercises

I just visited my chiropractor yesterday to get two ribs readjusted back into position. I spent 8 hours driving today and I have to play in a golf tournament Thurs-Sun this week. When I'm sitting in a chair at a desk in front of a computer, I notice that if I lean forward I can feel a pain in that area of the ribs that were readjusted. Is there anything I can do to stretch that area properly (Left side of my back just below my shoulder blade) so I'm careful not to reinjure my ribs again or cause them to slip out of place??


Dear Matt,
An interesting question. Obviously for several days in a row you are going to be fairly seriously testing that area. In general, our advice is to try to avoid playing heavy sport several days in a row - but that you can't avoid.

So my first suggestion is, every day after the eighteenth go straight to the shower, and then do some appropriate stretches for all the weak areas of your body, be it an achilles tendon, those two ribs, your lower back... A proper cool-down is vital to prevent stiffness the next day.

Then before getting out of bed in the morning do some lower back stretches. Mostly, golfers don't seem to have a huge amount of lower back pain - unless they must play consecutive days, or hit the big ball. If you don't have any favourite lower back stretches then type "Lower back exercises" into the Search this site facility at C-H.

Now that rib area: I would recommend you look up "Maignes syndrome exercises" through that same Search this Site. These only work for the lower ribs.

Lastly, I like the "shot-put exercises" - standing with your legs apart, your hand behind your ear, then imagine you are doing some slow regular putting the shot, stretching as far as you can. Swap the other hand behind your other ear and repeat.

Obviously these are questions you should be addressing to your chiropractor. There are no perfect exercises for every single person. Ask him/ her for the exercises that would be best for your back.

Good luck this week. Think of course of timing and hitting the ball cleanly, rather than trying to get that extra ten yards.

In short, exercise at both the beginning AND then end of the day.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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