rib nodule

by Raoma



rib nodule

I had an xray that dr said there is density nodule in the upper left lung on a rib . so was wonder ing if my adjustments in trying to straighten out my sine which leans to right but no scoliosis.

Could that be a density or pressure from the change to the left. He said I had a similar density in 2008 and haven't had xray since except at chiro.

Dear Raoma,
I would have a radiologist check out the X-ray. Chiropractors and medical doctors too don't look at lung / rib lesions on a regular basis, and the question is: is it in the lung or in the bone, and what is it's significance?

It's great that it hasn't changed in five years, so probably of no great significance. But still, let a radiologist look at it.

It's unrelated to the treatment.

If your spine leans to the spine, then a "leg length inequality" needs to be considered. Sometimes just a simple, inexpensive insert in your shoe can make a big difference. Type the words into this search engine. Search this site …

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I hope this has contributed.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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