Rhomboid Muscle Tear

by Brandon
(Quebec, Laval)


I've been in constant pain in my upper back on my right side exactly where my rhomboid is; the first initial sign of pain was really dramatic, the pain was deep and very powerful; over time now it's been 3 months.

I've seen physiotherapists, and after all this time my back still aches and hurts and just won't heal; is there anything I can do to help it heal properly and fully?

Or am I bound to constant aching and soreness for the rest of my life?

Please let me know, none of my doctors here can help me I'm very desperate.

Hello Brandon,
Normally I wouldn't respond to a letter written in such crap not-so-smartphone grammar; today I've made an exception, and corrected it for you. If you were French I would understand.

A muscle tear suggests you were lifting something very heavy, far beyond your strength. Is that correct? If not, I question the diagnosis. If it's wrong, then of course you are not responding to the treatment.

Upper thoracic pain is notoriously difficult; it can be a referred pain from the neck via the dorsal scapular nerve. Then it may indeed be a rhomboid muscle tear. Or, it could be from a subluxated rib head below the rhomboid muscle, or from the thoracic spine itself.

Then it could be from a lung condition, are you a smoker? Or referred from one of the organs. The pancreas for example typically refers to the midback.

In short, when any condition is not responding to treatment, a fresh look at the problem is called for; by someone else. Your doctor perhaps, another physiotherapist, a chiropractor, or even an orthopaedic surgeon.

Your call.

Dr B

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Apr 22, 2019
by: Anonymous

You are very entitled. I wish you luck in dealing with your own deep emotional pain. Someday you will also be unjustly judged for a small failing.

When you spend more time correcting people's grammar - Google disavows pages and even the whole site if there's poor grammar - than it takes to respond to the question, then it does get a trifle irritating. Especially when I write in bold that if you script in poor English, foreigners excepted obviously, don't expect an answer.

When a Pakistani can take the time to write properly, better than an English speaking person, for a service I do not charge for, then there's something wrong.

You are quite right; at my site I am entitled to call the shots. In this case the person was in great pain, needed an answer, and I made an exception.

I make no apologies.

Dr B

Mar 24, 2018
Helpful comments
by: Anonymous

Normally I don’t comment on such sites. I must take exception, though. You are an arrogant asshole. A person is in pain and seeking help. Do you require a written essay?

Perhaps you are right. But there's a but, and it's a big one. Google downgrades sites written in poor grammar. One of the conditions, spelt out in BOLD, that if you want me to respond, you write from a computer.

If he was from Pakistan, I would not have the slightest difficulty correcting his English. I do it all the time.

But it's the Americans by and large, and in this case a Canadian who simply couldn't be bothered to write correctly. I get letters all the time fromm people all over the world who take the trouble to write in their best English.

I have 13 more letters today waiting for an answer. They generally take me ten to thirty minutes. Comprehendo? There's nothing in this for me, no payment, no glory. If I had to spend all my time correcting spelling and grammar, I'd be here until midnight.

I am the master of this ship, and will in future not answer any of those who do not abide by the rules, to satisfy persons like yourself.

I don't make Google's rules, but I have to abide by them. If that's turned me into an arrogant asshole, so be it.

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