Results from mri and opinion

by Kristi
(Houston texas)

I have been having tingling in fingers for years but never when I am asleep nor do I awake with it. It only occurs after I am up and around. It is in both hands and on and off.

I had an emg and the needle one and it found carpal tunnel and cubical tunnel in both arms.

I also had an mri of the cervical spine and c4 5 and c6 were problematic. Moderate spinal stenosis and severe at c6. Surgeon wanted to do surgery on neck and both arms. I did not want to do surgery. What would you recommend?

Hello Kristi,
You have clearly had an old neck injury, probably a long time ago. Have you fallen off horses or had a car accident?

Do you still have only have tingling and no pain? I'm sure your neck is stiff, but does it hurt?

Do movements of your head and neck bring on the tingling in your fingers?

Which fingers are affected? Be as accurate as possible; this is critical.

When the tingling is bad, what happens if you raise that hand above your head?

Is there any wasting of the big muscle at the base of the thumb, and is there weakness in your hand or of the triceps muscle; it straightens the elbow?

I could not read much of the report, only the conclusions.

When you have given me some answers to the above, I can try to give a more educated response to your questions.

Please be precise in your reply if you want a useful response. Vague answers will mean I cannot contribute much more.

Dr B

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Aug 20, 2019
Reply mri and opinion
by: Kristi Taylor

The only access dent I have had was falling down steps in the Edenbourgh castle in 2003.
I do not have any muscle wasting.

The tingling occurs in various fingers at various times. A lot in the thumb, ring finger, and pinkie.

I have no pain at all. The tingling is not relieved by putting my hand on my head.

Hello Kristi,
If the tingling occurs in your pinkie then it is definitely not carpal tunnel syndrome.

If the tingling occurs in all fingers then it is certainly not primarily from a stenosis in your neck. Or most unlikely in any case.

The so-called shoulder abduction relief sign is negative; so it is not a pinched nerve in your neck.

So, in my book neither an operation to your wrist or your neck will help.

So, then what is it? Frankly I'm not sure. Are you a smoker? Cough? Then a Pancoast tumour should be considered.

Do x-rays show a cervical rib?

Does raising your arms as in hanging the washing or changing curtains provoke the tingling? Then ask for Adson's test to be done.

I'm glad that your gut feeling is to look elsewhere; it's the correct response.

I can't examine you, so the purpose of this site is to be the Devil's Advocate, not give a diagnosis. Keep asking more questions until you get the right answer.

Good luck, keep us up to speed.

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