Restricted ease of breathing

Restricted ease of breathing

I feel like the stiffness in my thoracic and cervical spine prevent me from taking a deep breath ever, and that I have to work at expanding my chest in order to breathe comfortably. It's like at the top of the in breath, my neck and shoulders tense up preventing a nice easy inhale. I HATE this feeling and just want to not think about breathing!! I know I am getting plenty of oxygen since my spo2 score is 99%, but I'm frustrated as heck with this feeling! Can you possibly help?

Hello Kim,
In order to breathe each rib has to articulate at four joints: three between the rib head and the thoracic vertebrae, and one with the sternum. It sounds like this mechanism is malfunctioning. It's probably mechanical, but of course there are other lung conditions that effect breathing.

Not a smoker, I presume. If so, start thinking of a lung condition.

Then the trapezius and various neck muscles raise the first rib to increase the lung capacity. And that's very much to do with the lower neck.

Time for a good chiropractic examination, methinks.

Dr B

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Nov 18, 2012
Thank you!!!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much, Dr. B! I will be headed to the chiropractor for sure. I have the feeling it is mechanical also, as I have never been a smoker and am in great health otherwise. I enjoy strenuous cardio exercise and do it daily. I have a history of whiplash so the neck thing makes sense too.
Thanks again for your advice and expertise!

I can survive on a compliment like that for two months! Let us know how you get on, Kim.

Dr B

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