Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Dear Friends at Chiropractic Help,

I'm here to showcase a new website that I believe you and others at Chiropractic Help will find especially pertinent to the nature of your organization. was created so that victims and families could seek information and facts regarding Reflex Sympathetic Dystrohpy (RSD), or more commonly known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) is a medical condition that affects the patient’s sympathetic nervous system. RSD is characterized by severe chronic pain in an affected region, such as a patient’s arm or leg. After the onset, RSD will continue to worsen as time passes.

I've noticed that you mention other pain related resources on your links page ( I would be grateful if you would mention Reflex Sympathetic Dystrohpy as well. I look forward to your response. Please let me know if you have any additional questions about our website or organization.

Thanks again,
Alex Kerwin
Communications Director

[Hello Alex,
I've added your website to our links page.

Interestingly I've had some success with treating RSD in it's early stages, but I know of no research concerning RSD and chiropractic.

But because it's not a condition that's referred our way, I can't quote you any figures.

Please add a return link to

Kind regards,

Barrie Lewis DC

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Jan 25, 2020
Is RSDS as Complete Mystery?
by: Anonymous

Dear Dr. Lewis:

I just read a piece in "Dynamic Chiropractic" on this condition and left a comment. Perhaps these would interest you.

I've found this piece to be enlightening, yet there seems to be omission of an aspect of the condition which appears very central, that of a circular-like abnormal reflex pattern. This is very reminiscent of your "garden variety" subluxation complex (AKA "osteopathic lesion" or "somatic dysfunction"), (which often features abnormal somato-visceral and viscero-somatic reflexes) and the condition might well respond positively to spinal manipulation. In common parlance, perhaps the "key" would lie in breaking the (abnormal)pattern.

Though I've not have much exposure to it in my practice, conversation with my colleagues and examination of the literature suggests that this has INDEED often been the case (and often with much better outcomes than with the usual (medical) approach (e.g., with physical therapy and pain meds).

I’ll add that I find the stance of your usual (allopathic) physician that the cause of RSDS is a complete mystery, to be immensely comical. These "knuckleheads" seem determined to absolutely ignore MOST anything which stands apart from "medical dogma/doctrine."


Dr. Halle
Los Angeles

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