Recent car accident

by Andrea

The uncinates are often injured in a whiplash injury

The uncinates are often injured in a whiplash injury

Recent car accident

Five days ago I sustained back injury after being involved in a car accident. I was stopped in traffic on the highway and the car behind me slammed into the back end of my vehicle. I was told by the other driver, that she hit me at 50-60kph.

I have since been experiencing a burning aching feeling in my upper-mid back and an ache in my lower lumbar. Pain seems much worse on the right side. I've also noticed other symptoms like calf twitching (right side only), extreme fatigue, urinary frequency, a foggy-like mental status, cracking in various bones in my back, neck and shoulders with movement; grinding is felt in my hips when laying flat on my back and lifting both legs and lowering them to the flat position.

I cannot walk too far without feeling completely pooped out, and I cannot sit for too long without too much pressure felt in my lumbar.

I do get some relief from the lumbar pain when laying flat with my knees bent up. I do not get any relief from the burning ache felt in my mid back. Neck feels strained with movement to the right/left.

In addition, the day I had the accident I received 40 botox injections around my head/neck for chronic migraines, which continue to be a daily issue since my accident. I had a physical exam the following day and the physician told me I had strained my neck, thoracic, and lumbar back. Based on the above symptoms should I be asking for further tests? Should I be concerned that the botox I received is masking pain that should be felt from a classic whiplash injury?

These are all difficult questions to answer, Andrea.

A good motor repair specialist will be able to give you an idea of just how fast the other motorist was traveling from the damage to your car. I'd get it in writing, perhaps from two or three different specialist repair shops. She may have been traveling at twice that speed. Don't sign any documents off until you've seen your attorney.

The fact of the matter is that accidents like this sometimes leave their mark on you for the rest of your life. I'm not being negative, but let's face the honest facts. This could end up costing you a fortune in health care costs. The insurance companies of course will always play it down.

Keep a diary, and update it every day.

Incidentally a double leg raise is a plain bad exercise; don't do it. And migraines often come from the jaw joint; any clicking, popping or tenderness just in front of the ear?

If you had immediate severe pain, and suspect a fracture, xrays right now are important.

More likely, your physician is right and you've had quite severe sprained ligaments, and strained muscles.

If you start having pain radiating down a limb, or towards your breastbone along a rib, then I'd see a chiropractor right away.

Otherwise, be kind to yourself for a week; do some gentle exercises, take some walks, and avoid housework. Sit less if it's painful.

And then make an honest evaluation; have you been injured, are you getting better, and do you need treatment?

Don't sign anything off for at least six months; you will be pressured to sign sooner.

Good luck, I feel for you when you are minding your own business and are injured because someone was stupid.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Recent car accident

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