Reading Chiropractic

Reading Chiropractic provides interesting and entertaining books about our profession.

Books can and should be both informative and jolly good reads. Bernard Preston's books, for example, are important resources about chiropractic, inexpensive and will greatly enrich your reading.

Finding good chiropractic resources for the lay person can be tricky. Not a great deal has been written for the man in the street but here you will find a few excellent reads.

Stones in my Clog

Think about spoiling yourself this year, get yourself a Kindle or Nook. Just as you changed to digital photography, without a hiccup, you will in time change to ebooks, then only question is when.

Surprising to me, I do like the feel and smell of a good book in hand, the change was seemless and very simple. Downloading a book in less than a minute, right from your home is such a time saver.

Then, if you love old books, many of them are either free or dirt cheap. Best sellers are no longer cheaper, but just give them a year or two. Amazon is now selling more ebooks than paper books, has been for three years. You will make the change. This year?

Of course you can read bernard preston's reading chiropractic books on your tablet or smartphone too.

"We need to build a culture that supports well-being."

- Dr V Murthy, NEJM

The kindle paperlight incidently has been independently declared the outright winner of all readers and tablets when it comes to eyestrain.

Enjoy reading and want to find out more about what actually happens at the chiropractic coalface? What do chiropractors actually do?

Stones in my clog will take you on a scintillating journey through the Dutch polders as bernard preston takes a seven year stint working in the Netherlands. A completely different culture, the third most difficult language in the world apparently, join him as he struggles to adapt and find his nitch both professionally and privately. 

Holland has one big advantage chiropractically speaking. The profession is very science oriented and chiropractors are expected to attend courses to keep abreast of new advances in chiropractic.

He discovers that chiropractic can manage many conditions like groin pain from femoro acetabular impingement syndrome, and vertigo and jaw joint dysfunction that causess severe migraine; and breastbone pain.

In fact that he discovers to his horror that his overly robust chiropractic manipulation can actually cause breastbone pain, known as a chiropractic iatrogenic illness.

And the people of the polders. What a delightful nation. Once you get used to their direct ways. They excel in calling a spade a spade.

In the face of medicine considers invading their turf, the establishment of chiropractic in many countries has been a struggle. Finally, through dogged hard work and persistence, and because chiropractic really is the premier treatment for back pain and headaches, for example, has become accepted world wide and is today being included in mainstream healthcare in many countries.

Acceptance by the world health organisation was a huge step forwards.

No where was the struggle more evident than in Hong Kong. Vaughan's book is a must read for all chiropractors, and I'm sure you as a lay person interested in chiropractic would enjoy it too.

Rabid dogs in the East.

Chiropractic Riches

A fascinating - and controversial read - mandatory for all chiropractors is Chiropractic Riches by Drs Matt and Trish Hammett, D.C.

Interviews with many of chiropractic's most well known personalities gives an different insight into the profession.

Chiropractic Riches by Hammett

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