rash along femoral nerve with numbness

by karen s

rash appeared 6wks ago raised tiny blisters just under the skin very, very itchy which run along line of femoral nerve on outer aspect of left thigh to outer knee. Also just diagnosed with anaemia and low ferritin and folate MCV low as is HB levels, dry mouth, ulcers, dry skin, craving ice.

I am 53 and have had RSD following an injury for 15yrs meds include dihydrocodeine, gabapentin, acupan and oramorph and fentanyl patches for right lower leg pain.

I had osteomyelitis of my left lower jaw for 6yrs that was finally cured with hyperbaric treatment over 6wks. I have recurring bouts of anaemia with tests inconclusive; I am been treated unsuccessfully for depression with tablets.

I have started with pains in my chest that feels like bruising but no injury; foot cramps and insomnia do you think this could be lupus even though no family history and normal ANA results thanks for your time.

Hello Karen,
Frankly I'm not sure; it sounds like it could be shingles though I've personally never seen a case following the femoral nerve. Lateral thigh could be sciatic nerve too.

Do you eat any green leafy salad? Best source of folate; beetroot for iron.

Your thyroid's been tested I presume.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Dr B

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