Quickly increasing pain in left groin and buttock.

by John G

Drop the hip into the lotus position.

Drop the hip into the lotus position.

It started many years ago. I frequently suffered a mild pain in my left leg on the outside just below the major trochanter - and this was reduced by waving the leg about.

As time progressed I found that if I stood still for maybe a couple of minutes my left leg became totally numb and again had to be waved about for a minute to regain any feeling. If I sit or lay down now the leg loses sensitivity, for example putting on a sock feels like being brushed by a silk scarf.

Until a month ago the situation did not cause any particular problem - but then I quickly developed a considerable pain involving the outside of my thigh as explained, within my buttock, but mainly in the groin area - and has developed in the four weeks to the extent that I cannot walk more than a couple of hundred yards.

Strangely the pain is actually reduced if I carry a weight on the affected side, for example a bag of groceries, or I lean to left, or using a walking stick in my right hand.

Sometimes at night when I find that I am laying on my stomach I am woken by a pain in my groin which I have always thought to be a tight tendon.

I visited my local NHS Doctor who after a two minutes without getting out of his chair declared it was osteo arthritis and gave me a prescription of pain killers.

Should I meekly accept his diagnosis, or could it be a problem with a nerve, might a trip to a chiropractor be a good move.

Hello John,
Your doctor should be run out of town, or drawn and quartered! Certainly don't accept his diagnosis; he hasn't even examined you. He was either extremely exhausted and overworked, or idle.

You are however partly to blame if after all these years you've never consulted anyone about it. It's now chronic and may be difficult.

Let's start by seeing if your doctor actually was correct in his diagnosis. Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, to the opposite shoulder and then let it drop into the lotus position. Compare it with the other hip.

Tell me exactly what you feel and where.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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