pudenal nerve

by dr.randy doom
(m.b.south carolina)

Because the pudendal nerve is a branch off the lateral femoral cutaneous, is it feasible that femoral head rotation internally would then stretch the piriformis muscle, a lateral rotator of the hip?

And due to the relationship of the pudendal nerve to the piriformis then facilitate a pudendal nerve irritation? Would releasing the hip flexors where they attach at the lessor trochanter allow for femoral head repositioning and relief from pudendal nerve irritation.

Hello Dr Doom,
To my knowledge there is no successful treatment for a Pudendal nerve entrapment, medical or chiropractic, or other. It is part of the sacral plexus, and I know of no connection with the LFCN, an upper lumbar nerve.

Certainly the piriformis muscle could conceivably affect the Pudendal nerve as it exits the Greater Sciatic foramen but as I understand the entrapment is generally considered to be after the nerve has re-entered the perineum via the lesser sciatic foramen.

Frankly I know little of the condition. Chronic hip internal rotation could I suppose affect the condition, but I know of no chiropractic research on the subject. Do you encounter the problem regularly in the clinic?

PS. I know they haven't spoken English in South Carolina for years, and it would seem that grammar and spelling have been equally neglected!

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