pubis groin thigh knee pain

by Jo
(Auckland, NZ)

Pubis groin thigh knee pain

Pubis is painful to touch. This is a chronic problem. I have severe pelvic pain, trouble urinating at times, numbness in legs buttocks and have more pain with walking that takes days to weeks and even months to subside. I've had a L4 on 5 fusion, have severe OA and hot leg groin pain constantly.

Can my pubis be fused? Or is there some relief for me at all? I'm 48 and have been incapacitated for 5 years.

Thank you for your time,

Dear Jo,
Let's start with one simple test. Lie on your back and pull the good knee to the chest, to the opposite shoulder and then rotate the hip using the knee as a lever.
Repeat with the naughty leg; what's the difference?

Now place first the good hip, then the painful one into the Lotus position as shown above; it's called Patrick's Fabere test. Again, what's the difference?

Keep to this thread.

Dr B

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