Pubic symphysis

by Kath
(Germany )

I have developed this pain in this region. It is relieved usually during the day .... Felt most on rising out of bed . No bladder problems or other women's issues. I have osteoporosis. Aged 68 and in reasonable good health ... Never had a fracture... No IBS .. I feel the aching in this region now for 6 weeks and it's annoying that I don't have an answer to blame.

Hello Kath,
Any pain that isn't resolving needs an examination and diagnosis. There are really so many possible causes that there's no point in speculating.

Do you have any sacroiliac joint pain? Any severe tenderness down the inner thigh or in the groin? Use your thumb with a little oil.

Lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest. Feel normal?

In this instance I'd start with your medical doctor.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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