pubic symphysis pain

by Coleen

Why at 55 years of age do I have pubic symphysis pain like I did during pregnancy? I've experienced this pain off and on since my first pregnancy at 20 years of age. My doctor said it was in my head...but I know I feel pain in the same place. Has the cartilage deteriated?

Hello Colleen,
What's needed is a thorough examination. It could indeed be cartilage degeneration, or referred pain from one of the deep pelvic muscles, or related to the hip, or nerves supply the groin area... and perhaps gynae issues referred pain.

Lie on your back and pull each hip to the chest, rotate. No problems?

Using your thumb, starting far lateral near the hip, using some oil, slide your thumb through the groin and down the inner thigh adductor muscles. Sore?

No sacroiliac joint pain?

You know it's really, your doctor thinks it's in your head. Time to consult a chiro? Look for someone with examination procedure. Do your homework before making appointment.
Dr Barrie Lewis DC


Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

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