Pubic hip back and leg pain

When sitting I have to hold onto the right pubic area. This gives a feeling towards the hip and's so sore but helps to hold myself, which is something one cannot do in public. I usually bend the one leg in the Budha position and or push behind my knee.

I get very tired dealing with this which I have had for many years. It started after a hysterectomy. I have to sit but it's uncomfortable and depending what I'm sitting on sometimes I cannot move because a sharp pain goes in my hip and back. I try to keep going with a cheery disposition but sometimes I have to exit and have some time to myself...I get very intolerant.

I also have continual infections in the bladder so I'm on antibiotics every day. I have osteoporosis and osteo arthritis...are you thinking of putting me down haha. Believe me at times that does come into my mind. I have an infusion every year for my osteo arthritis...I have been on a series of meds as to nerve pain and even had a tens type machine insert into my back.

Even internal massage and injections in the lower area. Nothing seems to not exercise either. There are a couple of problem bones in my lower back and osteo arthritis pyrosis in my hips, worse on the right hip.

Any help would be most welcome

Kindest regards Maggie

Hello Maggie,
Mm, fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

There are probably different things going on here. Firstly, could you type out the reports of your xray of your back and pelvis. And if you can, attach a digital copy of the Xray of your pelvis. Know how to do that?

Secondly, lie on your back and pull your knee to your chest and then towards the opposite shoulder. Rotate the hip. Compare with the other side. What's the difference?

Now, still lying on your ask hubby to slowly lift each leg, one at a time. Let him take the weight. What happens.

Thirdly, bend slowly forwards, then backwards, then to the side. What happens?

Quite a lot, but if you want significant help from me, you'll need to give me some answers.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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