pubic bone

by beverley walker

I am getting pains constantly in my pubic bone. All the time. What is causing this?

Hello Beverley,

There are a number of possible causes.

Pull your knee onto your chest, and then rotate the hip. Do they feel the same, bilaterally? Does it provoke pain in the groin. Is one (or both) very stiff, femoro actebabular impingement syndrome is one possibility, or very loose, hip dysplasia should be ruled out. Can you sit in the lotus position?

If you've had this for some time, I'd start with an xray of your pelvis. Send me a copy.

Run your thumb down the inner thigh. Is it particularly sensitive.

Meralgia paresthetica and Maigne's syndrome should also be considered.

Because the pubic bone is the attachment of the deep perineal muscles the bone often becomes very painful during pregnancy, and sometimes never goes away until treated. Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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