Pubic bone pain

by Rita
(Brooklyn ny)

See the proximity to the pubic bone and the coccyx?

See the proximity to the pubic bone and the coccyx?


I had my baby almost 8 months ago and suffer from pubic bone pain, tailbone pain when I'm sitting, and left ilium pain.

I saw a PT maybe 5 times but I don't think it was helping. She only massaged the area once, and I mainly used cold packs when I have pain. In the last three weeks, I started to feel and hear lots of cracking in the region when I'm laying down.

Question is should I forget the PT and find a chiropractor? Or both?

Hello Rita,
I wear two hats here. One says have extreme distrust of anything you read on the net; there's a lot of garbage. The other is helping folk like you with unresolved problems. Go figure!

The pubic bone is the attachment of two groups of muscles; one runs down the inner thigh and the other the deep pelvic muscles.

It's also connected to the other pubic bone via the symphysis that can be problematic.

The tailbone, coccyx and sacroiliac joints too are all part of the pelvis. I'm trying to draw attention to the fact that these are all connected.

It's not for me to say if you should leave the PT. You have to decide whether they are helping you are not.

But what I would suggest is that you start a search for a female chiropractor who treats such things.

Why a woman? Well the treatment is clearly going to involve the groin and coccyx areas, both very sensitive for a woman. If the chiro you find is the best and a male, then take your hubby along with you. It's not pleasant but sometimes an internal coccygeal treatment is the most effective. I usually start doing it externally with a woman, but truth is the internal is far more effective and quick. Your chiropractor can reposition the coccyx if it's been subluxated anteriorally, and reach the muscles of the pelvic floor. Not all chiropractors do this, hence the hunt.

And it all affects the sacroiliac joints which is standard chiro stuff.

Good luck, Rita. Finding the right person to help you is going to be a trial. Take your time, talk to friends and your GP and find her, preferably, or him.

Dr B

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Mar 02, 2016
by: Rita

I found a great Chiropractor here in Bay Ridge. I see her twice a week, after I threw my back out twice from laying baby down into his crib.
The chiropractic care has helped a lot! I was given a heel lift for my right foot to help with my lopsided structural shift, She helps find the tightness int he muscles that are not in the correct position. My inner and outer thighs and hamstrings are extremely tight, which she helps plan out exercises to do on the daily. She also suggested some supplements to help lube up my joints.

Wonderful Rita. Keep doing those stretches and exercises, otherwise the pain may come right back.

Thanks for letting me know. Your response will help others.

Dr B

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