Pubic bone pain

Pubic bone pain, at times feel a numbness in my tail bone area and history of ovarian cysts and pubic bone pain is always just said to be from the cysts but this pain is a lot lower than my ovaries sometimes stretching my right leg helps relieve the pain for a moment. Desperate for any suggestions it's been going on for a few months on and off.

Hello Amy,
Referred pain from the ovarian cysts is certainly a possibility, but the fact that you have coccygeal discomfort certainly suggests that a proper chiropractic examination is in order.

The groin area is supplied by the femoral nerve and a number of small slips from the nerve, like the genito femoral nerve. It comes from the upper lumbar spine.

Likewise a number of hip conditions could be causing your pain. Lie on your back and pull the knee to the chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder. Any discomfort in the groin, any pubic bone pain?

Lastly, lie on your back, and ask a friend to run their thumb up the inner thigh, using some massage oil, to the pubic bone pain and then more gently through the groin. Compare right and left.

Keeping to this thread, let me know.

Dr B

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