Pubic bone fractures

by Patricia
(Lake City, PA USA)

In January 2012, I was hit by a car and sustained 4 pubic bone fractures, everything you have written, is what I am experiencing. What are my future treatments and how do I keep the now arthritis symptoms(doctor's words) form increasing. I am seeing a chiropractor once a month. The pain is still daily.

Dear Patricia,
Awful accident, I'm sorry to hear it.

The fractures will have healed by now, of course, but when there's been enough force to fracture four bones, there has almost certainly been other damage. Perhaps to the hip itself, or the sacroiliac joints, the pubic symphysis and back. Knee...

The pain I take it is in the groin area. The key is a careful, thorough examination, and I'm sure, hope, you've had that from your chiropractor, and the orthopedist that you must have seen.

Unfortunately, an accident of this nature will leave its mark on you. But do your best to exercise the area that have been damaged, walk regularly, keep your weight in trim.

In particular, lie on your back in bed and gently pull your knee to your chest, and then rotate to keep that hip moving freely. That's where you could get bad arthritis.

At you'll find some lower back exercises. I'd do them regularly every morning before getting out of bed. They take less than two minutes.

For more specifics, you have to ask your chiropractor, I'm afraid.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

PS. Don't lose those X-rays.

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