by Jacob

Two months ago I woke up with pain up and behind my testicles. Since then the pain has moved around and has made my hips sore. My back has also been sore and cracks really easily. The urologist wanted to put me on flowmax and if that didn't work bactrim. He said it would go away. I chose not to take anything and the pain is still there along with some difficulty urinating and the feeling of having to urinate all the time. I've noticed that my lower back or pelvis pops after I get up and start walking after sitting at work for a while. On occasion my back cracks when I flex my pelvic muscles. I've also had some sexual problems including premature ejaculation and not being able to maintain an erection. I'm only 22 years old and in great shape. I run two miles regularily and do light weight training. I have been told to stay away from caffeine and alcohol. I can easily live without caffiene but at my age alcohol is a large part of EVERY social gathering. I have been living a very lonely life hoping this pain goes away so I can have a chance to be normal again. I started taking flowmax just two days ago but I don't feel like it will help and even if it does I cannot be taking it for the rest of my life. The thought of being in pain for the rest of my life is destroying my mental health. I've had urine tests for bacteria and they came back negative. I want to have a complete semen analysis done before I take any antibiotics. If that comes back negative I will definitely be looking for chiropractic help.

Please help me.
Thank you

Hello Jacob,
I presume these back and hip symptoms started after the prostatitis; in which case they are an unrelated problem, or directly related. Only a good clinical examination of your back and hips would give the answer. An xray of your pelvis is in order.

You are very young to be suffering from prostatis; I would stay close to the medical world so that they can assess your progress or lack thereof. This doesn't really sound like a chiropractic condition.

From a nutritional stand point, I'd recommend foods with large amounts of beta sitosterol; an avocado a day would be a good start. Sunflower seeds for zinc and beepollen.

And then a weekly prostate massage; probably best done by your medical doctor or urologist; unpleasant but lasts only about two minutes.

Frankly not sure what else to suggest.

Dr B

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