Post acromiplasty issues for 20yrs

(Virginia Beach, VA)

I am a 47yr old male - I was diagnosed with a shoulder impingement when I was in my 20's and had an acromioplasty and debreidement. Ever since that surgery I have had extreme tightness in the muscles(nerves) leading from the surgical site into my neck and head and to the back of the shoulder. I get terrible occipital headaches and my shoulder feels like someone is stabbing me when I turn my head left and everything starts to pull.

I have neck problems, arthritis in C1-C7 and issues with T1-3. My current therapist seems to have relieved the T1-3 issue but the pain and stiffness continues from the right shoulder. I put off getting it looked at for fear of having to have another surgery(this will be 4 on that shoulder, 2 cleanings)but i can no longer take the pain, stiffness, muscle aches and headaches.

Any ideas of what can be done can the muscles be lengthened and the knots surgically repaired-removed? Can we add bone back in to lengthen the clavicle? As you can see I am pretty desperate-20yrs of this is way too long! Thank you.

These are the typical signs and symptoms that your chiropractor manages on a daily basis. At least I do. What is needed is gentle mobilisation of that shoulder and good daily range of motion and strengthening exercises.

The neck is obviously connected to the shoulder. In fact your shoulder problems probably were a referral from the neck- unless you had a specific shoulder injury. If that neck problem wasn't dealt with then both the neck and shoulder would gradually get worse.

Look for a chiropractor in your area who is experienced in treating sports injuries. Perhaps someone with a FICS qualification - contact your local association.

No, you can't lengthen the bone, most likely the ligaments were shortened too much and it would take some fairly extensive surgery now to lengthen again.

Acupuncture should also be considered.

I hope this has contributed. Obviously a difficult condition.

Dr B

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