Post 4month ankle sprain now pinch nerve pain leg

by Dee
(Ny Ny)

Pinch nerve up back leg.

I need far more information to give you a useful reply, Dee.
Dr B

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Feb 04, 2018
Ankle sprain 6months with pain
by: Anonymous

While running curled right ankle 6 months ago.

Now I have pinched nerve like pain back of my leg.

My ankle was never bruised or swollen. My guess stretch tendons ligaments.

How do you control nerve pain? Is it a lifer?

I use air cast as this helped when I injured the same ankle 10 years ago. This time doesn’t want to heal.
Any suggestions?

1. If you bend slowly forward is one leg much tighter than the other?

2. Sitting in a kitchen chair, flex your head onto chest, and then ask someone to lift first your left leg and then the naughty leg. Is it painful? Where?

Please answer on a computer; it took me longer to correct your grammar than answer your question! I won't do it again.

Dr B

Jan 13, 2018
Ankle sprain with pinched nerve side of leg
by: Dee

While running ankle curled HD pain but never stayed off leg. Now 5 mnths later nerve pain in leg
I have sprained same ankle at least 3 times in past
More severe than this one. Anyway nerve pain is here to last. I’m sure tendons were stretched leaving instablity in ankle; night time is worse
What day u?

What day I? Take all injuries seriously or you may have pain and disability for the rest of your life.

Dr B

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