Possible femoral nerve pain or is it a blocked artery?

by Hazel
(Highland UK )

After walking about forty steps the pain starts down my thigh; it becomes increasingly painful to unbearable.

Then it is freely in my knee and the leg gradually goes numb.

After sitting for five minutes the pain decreases only to return again when I walk.

Hello Hazel,
This sounds more like a condition known as intermittent claudication; it's angina in the leg, caused by a blockage of the artery in the groin area.

Are you a smoker?

Ask your doctor or chiropractor to test the two pulses in the ankle and foot; the posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis.

Let's rule that out first; if you have normal pulses then contact me again, and we'll take this further; keep to the same thread.

Dr B

» Possible femoral nerve pain or is it a blocked artery?

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