Possible Femoral nerve issue

(San Antonio, TX)

It seems it happens after sitting for a while at my desk job. It does not hurt while I am sitting. But when I get up to walk, that first step is a killer. It feels like it is pinching on a nerve.

Once I keep walking, and walk for a while it goes away, until I sit for long periods of time again. It is only on my front right upper groin area. I feel the pinch when I step forward. It is becoming annoying and tiresome. It feels better when I take Aleve, but I don't want to rely on that on a daily basis.

Went to the hip/knee doctor, he said I had arthritis in my lower back that may be effecting the nerves going to the front. Prescribed MethyIPREDNI Solone STEROIDS. Suggested I take 6 tablets the first day, 5 the next etc, until the 8th day. No guarantee pain would stay away after 8th day. I did not take these due to the terrible side effects. Would the injection be better/less side effects? Next step is chiropractor. Any answers? suggestions as to what it could be?

Hello Maria,
For starters, lie on your back and pull your knee to the chest, then to the opposite shoulder and then place your foot on the opposite knee and let your hip drop into the lotus position. Is there any significant difference compared to the other hip?

Then, with the help of friend, lie on your belly, bend the knee and ask said friend to lift your leg at the knee, stretching the muscle and femoral nerve in the front of the leg. Again is there a difference?

Lastly, sitting, run your thumb with a little oil from the ASIS (find it on google), through the groin and down the inner thigh.Lighten up in the middle of the groin where the fermoral artery and nerve run. Is it particularly tender?

Let me have a few answers.

Dr B

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