Possible Femoral Nerve Condition

by Lisa
(Clintwood, Va. )


I am a 37 year old female and started having lower lumbar back pain several months ago that radiates into my left leg and groin area. It started out as a lower back ache and eventually started to hurt in my left leg, groin, quad and the knee. It feels like a dull ache most times. My left leg is weak and is hard to lift at times.

My feet tend to tingle or go numb especially when driving or first waking up. I did have an MRI performed in June 2014 and it showed 2 herniated disc in L3 and L4 and two bulging discs at L5 S1. I met with a neurosurgeon who said that the MRI did not show a nerve impingement which I find hard to believe given the symptoms I have. She put me through a series of exercises and based her opinion on that as well as the MRI.

She felt it was nothing that needed surgery which I am glad, she referred me to physical therapy and ordered meds and come back in 6 weeks. I am currently taking physical therapy to build core strength and taking nerve pain meds. I am not liking the nerve pain meds because of the side effects so I am not sure that I will continue with that.

Do my symptoms sound like a nerve is pinched? Does my doctor opinion sound accurate or do I need a second opinion? Am I on the right track with treatment?

Thank you,

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