plethora of pain

by Christina
(St. Petersburg, FL)

my straight neck

my straight neck

I have a straight neck,Thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel and de quervains.

My thumb, pointer,middle and half of my ring finger goes numb when texting and talking on the phone. My arms go numb at night(fingers too). Neck constantly hurts. I was going to a chiropractor 2 times a week & massages 1x a week without feeling any better. Suggestions?

Hello Christina,
Yes, you do have pain. This is what I, and I suspect my colleagues, find to be one of the most clinically challenging conditions in the practice.

What's good in your case, is that from the x-ray you enclosed the disc spaces appear quite good, though I am unable to see the so called joints of luschka. Their state is vital in the prognosis. Could you attach more pics, or at least send the radiological report.

You have typical carpal tunnel symptoms but it's complicated by the TOS signs. The fact that raising your arm, as in holding the telephone, increases the symptoms confirms the likelihood of TOS.

No suggestion of a cervical rib in the report?

Go to the site search function and type in upper limb tension test. Let me know.

Also, look to the side of pain, then look up. What happens?

Oddly what I have eventually worked out is that less treatment, rather than more, is often the secret. Try seeing your chiropractor once in two or three weeks, instead of twice a week, and see if that helps.

Never hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder.

If it's your mouse arm, push the mouse pad right back on the desk so that your elbow lies on the desk. Get your computer set up checked.

Let me know keeping to this thread.

Getting onto an anti inflammatory diet will contribute; use olive oil only, fatty fish or freshly ground flax seeds daily and add fresh chilis to your food. Delic in any case! Using the search function at C-H you'll find lots of information about these so called functional foods that contribute to better health, and have a role in disease prevention.

Dr b

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