Pleaes help! URGENT request! I will pay your office visit costs. PLEASE! I have to find out asap-I think I am going to lose my toes and feet soon. PLEASE. Thank you,

by Marguerite Herb
(Morrison, Colorado, USA)

Oh MY Gosh, I am so excited to have found this site. SO excited. PLEASE can you help me! I will gladly pay you for it. I think what i have is urgent but my doctors won't help and don't have a clue. I am having horrible problmes which I think is some kind of anuerysm, mixed with stoke and more.

I have horrible pain on the inside of my thighs, radiating to hte backs and fronts, or maybe its the other way around, can't tell for sure, but sometimes also really bad in my biutt and lower back. My chest aches too, just above my heart, like my heart is swelling, all the way to my jawline. this is causing troubles breathing and swallowing, and/or even wanting to eat. I am now gettting numbness in my thigh/groin with pain and horrible pain in legs upon lying down, less but still bad cramping pain when walking. Toes and feet are losing feeling and movement, with pain on walking and pain on laying down. I feel like they might already be partially dead and I might lose them if I don't hurry and figure this out. For years I have had terrible leg and kidney pain, and leg swelling, especially around the knee and up in the fold at the top of my thigh to hip, like a really swollen lymph node looking thing, on both sides. I have had also stroke symptoms recently, and if not a stroke, for sure it was at least a tia, I think. .They found some little grape shape thing upon a ultrasound once upon a time years ago and said something dangerous could happen but looked not important or threatening right then, but then now they can't even find that record or say they don't know what I am talking about. Please help me. There are more other symptoms but does this lead you to a thought? ALso extreme dizziness and sleepiness (maybe from hurting so much at night not sleeping well, but don't think so, usually can make it on very little sleep just fine). Groin is numb, side stitch feeling, especially when I go #2 (sorry, embarrassing but think maybe, maybe you can help point in right direction). The zrays show I am constipated although I wonder if they are seeing something else in there and are wrong becuase I don't feel llike I ma having trouble with constipation.

PLEASE help! I would gladly pay you for a visit to get your help over the internet this morning, before I go to my test. I have to leave in 3 hours for a test I think is totally on wrong leg, and should be done on both legs. I think they are testing the wrong thing.

Hello Marguerite,
Anything else you're not telling me? Your weight? Diabetes? Hypertension?

It seems to me that there are different things going on here. The dizziness is most likely related to the TIA, or a condition called BPPV or high blood pressure.

The groin pain could be an arthritic hip, or a pinched Femoral nerve, or one of it's small branches. Type Maignes syndrome into the Search this site function at C-H. I presume you've had an X-ray for the hip. The result?

Numbness in both feet, first thought diabetes or intermittent claudication, or perhaps a peripheral neuropathy. Does it improve, or worsen with walking? Getting enough B vitamins?

Is the stool soft and easy to pass? At least 5 x per week? Then you're not constipated. More fibre, try the beetroot and apples, pears and prunes. Salad. Hummus.

Have you been to a chiropractor? Once the medics have finished with you, see a local competent and experienced DC.

Good luck.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

> > Pleaes help! URGENT request! I will pay your office visit costs. PLEASE! I have to find out asap-I think I am going to lose my toes and feet soon. PLEASE. Thank you,

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