Pins and needles in right foot. Pain in lower back, feels asif its pulling stiff. Pain which feels like its directly on the spine,

by Safiah Mohammed
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Hi! I am a mother of four, 33yrs old. During birth to my second child in 1998 he moved down against my spine(I believe). After giving birth I could not even sit on the bed or chair, I was practically hanging onto it with my bum cheek because it was too painful to sit however after a good long while the pain went away and everything seemed to be fine. As time went on I found that I could not and still cannot sit without back support, I couldn't and still can't walk a bit of a long distance without back pain nor could I and still cannot stand for long periods.

As time went on it is now 14yrs later and the pain seems to be more often, has moved from my upper back between the shoulder blades to my lower back. The pain has become a bit more intense but now standing for 15 to 20mins is too much, I can't even sweep my small lounge without my back paining, and now it seems to be pulling stiff as well.

I haven't realised that the pins and needles I feel in my foot had anything to do with my back until I did some reading on this page.Does the sort of numb feeling in my left pienkie and ring finger also related to the back pain? I have done the test where you have to lift your big toe and realised that I had trouble lifting the left big toe. Please help with advice on what you think as I feel that the damage that was done 14yrs ago is catching up with me now.

Hello Safiah,
If the tingling is in the right foot, it's not likely to affect the strength of the big toe on the left foot.

There's a simple test you can do at home that will determine whether the tingling in your foot relates to your back. At C-H you'll see in the navigation bar: Search this site. Click on it, and type in Slump Test. Let me know what the result of doing this test is.

Yes the tingling in your hand most likely is related to your neck.

Start doing the lower back exercises at C-H EVERY morning before getting out of bed.

Also, at C-H, you'll find under South Africa a list of the chiropractors in your area. It's clearly time for a consultation.

Good luck.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

> > Pins and needles in right foot. Pain in lower back, feels asif its pulling stiff. Pain which feels like its directly on the spine,

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