Pinched nerve?

by Haley

I am experiencing tingling and burning in both of my upper arms and upper left chest burning and burning in my shoulder area on both sides and lower back pain. Heating pads and hot baths seem to help all the symptoms. Just not sure what is going on. I also suffer from anxiety on a daily basis.

Hello Haley,
You don't give enough information, but my gut feeling is that an opinion from a neurologist is the place to start, rather than a chiropractor. Some tests are necessary.

Make some notes for the neurologist. When the pain and tingling started, and exactly which parts of arms and chest are affected?

Then be aware of what provokes the pain, if anything. Do movements of your neck, or arms, or torso give tingling in these areas? Prod around in your armpits, breasts, around your neck, and above the collarbone. Does it all feel normal?

If you have headaches, or neck pain, try and locate the source.

Then think back to injuries you may have had. Car accidents, falls and so on.

Does your gait appear to be normal? No stumbling, or bumping into doorways?

This is not be get you anxious. It's just routine stuff that will make the doctor's examination a lot easier.

Good luck, and me know what comes of it?

There are many things in life that could happen, quite enough to get us anxious if we focus on them, but 99% don't. If you allow those thoughts to dominate, you may just bring some of them on; resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Dr B

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