Pinched Nerve left neck and shoulder

by Leboy
(Fort Mcmurray, Alberta)

I felt a pain last June 2014 and progressed until my head is tilted or always leaning to right. The worst also is having a severe spasm and pain in my left shoulder. I undergo Physio and there is a great improvement but I still have referred pain in my left arm.

The Physio recommend me to see a Chiropractor for adjustment. I did and there is an improvement but a pain is still there particularly in my left shoulder. My question is do I need to continue seeing Chiropractor or Physio or both of them. By the way when I went to see the Chiropractor, I stopped seeing physiotherapist.

Hello Leboy,
I see no reason not to consult both, provided they both know.

There are two particular signs that I look for. Spurling's test is turning to the left and then looking up. Does it hurt in the neck or your arm, or both?

The second is the Upper Limb Tension Test which you can find using the search function at Chiropractic Help.

Where exactly do you mean by shoulder?

I think it's probably time for an xray and perhaps a scan, particularly if the triceps muscle is affected; do press ups feel weak in the left shoulder.

Dr B

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