pinched nerve around inguinal ligament

by Eddy

At the junction of my thigh and and my right lower abdomen I get a pinch as I rotate my leg to the outside and pain comes when I try to bring my leg to the front position. Pain is fast and short but goes away; just like pinched nerve in my back. My question mainly is; what kind of doctor or specialist do I see?

Hello Eddy,
My first thought is this not a pinched nerve at all; it's a condition called Femoro Acetabular Impingement Syndrome, or FAIS. But that's a bit speculative; a comprehensive examination is called for. Use the Search function at Chiropractic Help for more information.

So my advice is to look for a chiropractor who specialises in hip conditions rather than spinal problems. Having said that, Meralgia Paresthetica is in the list of differential diagnoses; it's a double crush condition where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is pinched in both the lumbar spine and the groin.

An x-ray of your hip is called for; ask if there is any sign of Pincer or CAM deformities.

Depending on how much degenerative change there is in the hip, this is very treatable with chiropractic; how old are you?

On going exercises of the hip is vital; FAIS reduces the range of motion and it's thus predisposed to become arthritic. Do gentle range of motion exercise every morning before getting out of bed.

But I'm getting ahead of myself; first the correct diagnosis. Let us know what is established and perhaps send me a digital copy of the xray.

Dr B

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