by Stuart Schofield
(Bradford West Yorkshire)

I am sending you these comments reg the above for many years i suffered from this until i found a cure funny as it seems it cured me of the polips which were very painful my cousins sister gave me a woman's powder face pack and i applied this. The next morning they had completly vanished.

I did contact the medical journal the Lancet for publication, any payment? but they didn't this could be a medical breakthrough. What do you think?

Hello Stuart,
Ever since that rum story about Geoff Boycott, I never did trust a Yorkshireman. Did you try putting a little lipstick on too? Mind you, they are normally bright red anyway!

Seriously, if it worked for you, go for it, do it every night. The good wife might complain, but never mind her.

Long term, if you want to avoid the barbed-wire-up-the-rectum op, I suggest your try my good wife's cure. Equally rum, but it works. Type "Helens 15 euro salad" into the Search this site in the navbar.

Have a good evening. Nice to have a tongue in cheek comment for a change.


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