I was diagnosed with Perthes disease at 4 years old. I was in an experiment where no treatment was given but the progress of the disease was monitored twice a year by x ray. My bone restructured so that I am a bit asymmetrical..but I have done and run and bike and tennis.

Yes there is some small soft tissue discomfort at times. But no medication is needed..stretching and strengthening is all. As of a year ago I was x rayed and no arthritis was found.

You do a great disservice by how you talk about the disease. Some do need intervention. Many do. Not..see research by dr chas please in the 1950's.

Thank you so much for your contribution. Obviously I am delighted that things have gone well for your hip. The problem is that for many, it's a totally different story. I recently visited a friend of 54 who is mostly in a wheelchair, and never without a cane.

All diseases come in mild and severe forms. I'm glad you had the mild form. Be pleased!

You don't state your age, but I'll reserve judgement until you are fifty.

You say there was no treatment, but I would be very surprised if your activity was not severely restricted for about 3-6 months. That in fact is the most important part of treatment. Ask you mother, I'm interested. Were you allowed to continue as usual? Kick balls, run and jump?

Once again, thanks again for the "other side of the story".

Dr B

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