Personal Invitation to join a discussion on Adolescent Ideopathic Scoliosis

by Professor Brian Rothbart

On the Podiatry forum, I have just started a discussion on Adolescent Ideopathic Scoliosis, linking it to pelvic instability and abnormal foot function. It would be great to have your input, as a trained chiropractor. Too many Podiatrists are fixated on the feet and look no higher and hence not realizing the damage they can do when prescribing inappropriate orthotics. Hopefully, our discussion can change that.

You can access this site of the Podiatry forum at Adolescent Ideopathic Scliosis linked to Abnormal Pronation | Podiatry Arena ( )
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dear Dr Brian,
What a wonderful discussion! But whilst we are about it, let's add in the corollary. How many chiropractors have no idea how important the undercarriage is in caring for a scoliosis?

Podiatrist are totally fixated on feet, chiropractor are completely enamored by spines, but a meeting of minds would usher in real progress for our patients.

Dr B.

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