Permanent paresthesias in both feet since MVA

by Simone
(Derby uk)

Slump test for sciatica

Slump test for sciatica

Permanent paresthesias in both feet, with back pain, is treatable.

Hello, I was in a car accident June 2015 of which resulted in immediate paresthesias in my feet. MRI shows only degenerative disc changes to previous l3 l4 disc protrusion. I have ongoing chronic lower back pain with the mentioned paresthesia.

Emg test shows my L5 nerve root is mildly irritated. It doesn't feel mild to me may I add. Physio therapy commenced two weeks after accident until December 2015 where physio refused to treat me after a while until I had seen a specialist as I started to get symptoms of urinary incontinence which has now settled. Cauda equina ruled out!

Started on gabapentin which made me sick, but now started on amitriptline. Doctor now said if mediation doesn't help I may be able to have injections. What are your thoughts? I can't cope with this constant tingling.

Hello Simone,
Sometimes you have to accept certain symptoms, rather than risk highly invasive procedures. Tingling is certainly irritating, but it's not as though you have pain in your feet and legs. That you shouldn't accept.

Actually it's good that you have lower back pain, because that certainly means it's not a "peripheral neuralgia" which is much more difficult.

Bend slowly forwards, then backwards and to the side. Does it produce pain in your back, and is there any referral to the leg. Do this not when you are on the medication.

Using the search function at chiropractic help, look for Slump test for sciatica. Ask a friend to do the test on you. Does it cause pain? Where?

These are the sorts of problems that chiropractors treat on a daily basis, but it's never straight forward and requires a very thorough examination to work out which is the offending joint, and skill to adjust it correctly.

A daily exercise regimen is yours for life; you'll find a lot of them in the navigation bar. Do them faithfully, every morning before getting out of bed. EVERY morning and at night too would be better still.

Accept that your should never lift the grand piano, and get someone else to vacuum.

Start hunting for an experienced and conscientious chiropractor, Simone. A quick click won't help you, and injudiciously done could make it worse; as of course the spinal injections might.

An inversion traction device where you hang upside down from your feet sometimes helps. The local gym might have one. They are not outrageously expensive, but you would want to try it first.

Let me know how you get on. I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Permanent paresthesias in both feet

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