Peripheral neuropathy and back spasms

by Susan
(Newcastle upon tyne England )

I am currently on alot of medication 💊 morphine, tablets and oral. Amotriptoline, so on; I want these tablets to stop but the pain in my feet and hands is unbearable, so i have to get some sort of ease. My feet are the worst, the nerve endings in there are so sore.

I am 63yrs old.

What I want to know is will I ever be able to be pain and tablets free and will the pain in my feet ever go away.

I hope you can help me as I am desperate thank you.

Hello Susan,

I presume you have been assessed for diabetes. Obesity and raised blood glucose have an inflammatory effect on the nerves and is a major cause of peripheral neuropathies.

No chemotherapy?

More likely seeing you are having back spasms is some form of spinal stenosis. Have you had an x-ray or scan and are you doing any daily back exercises?

What back treatment have you had?

Let me have some answers and we take this further.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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