Pain,tingling from neck to thumb in right arm

by Zuzanna

2 years ago my thumb started getting very painful and slightly swollen at the base. I had an X-ray done for torn ligament with negative results. I had nerve connectivity test done for carpel tunnel and mri; after all results care negative I was treated for carpal tunnel with a night brace and naproxen with no results.

Every few months the pain would travel higher first towards my elbow and after about a year all the way up to my neck. I switched doctors and began physical therapy for possible thoracic outlet syndrome with no results. I currently have pain in my neck down my shoulder blades, soreness in the thumb and tingling down my arms; when trying the test for pinched nerve in neck I had a horrible pain near my wrist when stretching my right arm.

Is there anything else I can do to stop the pain? physical therapy is no help. And if this issue is not fixed can it lead to further more serious problems? Also is there a specific test that can be done to show this issue to the doctor an mri or something I feel like my doctors are doing very little to help I haven't gotten a definitive diagnosis for 2 year.

We have a saying in chiropractic, Zuzanna, that if you don't have a chiropractic problem, we can't help you; but if you do, probably nothing else will.

Isn't it time to start hunting for a conscientious local chiropractor?

If your thumb actually swelled, then the problem wasn't a pinched nerve in your neck; something local in the thumb. Also, from the neck it would have also affected the index finger; together they belong to the C6 dermatome.

You may well also have a problem in the neck, probably unrelated to the swollen thumb.

What's needed is a careful and thorough chiropractic exam; take the MRI with you.

Dr b

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