Pains in my feet, big toes, groin and back.

by Patrick Hart
(Widnes Cheshire UK)

What's happening in your hip?

What's happening in your hip?

I had a total knee replacement in 2010 and within 6 months I started to get severe pains in my feet, back, big toes and groin. I visited a chiropractor for 4 treatments but had no relief with the pain.

The chiropractor said I should see my GP as he thought there was a major problem in my spine. I visited my GP and he sent me for a MRI scan which showed up as spinal stenosis.

I have been getting spinal injection since 2011 but I am being pressured into having spinal fusion surgery, I have been looking at other options like Tops and corflex surgery instead of the fusion, I am 67 years of age I'm still working in the engineering industry and would like to carry on for a few more years plus in September 2015 I had my other knee replaced.

Hello Patrick,
I take it you had none of these problems in your feet and back prior to the knee replacement. You obviously associate these difficulties with the operation; the surgeon would deny that, but yes it's certain possible. A total knee replacement changes a lot of things which could provoke wide ranging symptoms.

Could. That vague accusation that encompasses many things.

May I have the temerity to ask a non-PC question; what's your weight like?

Two total knee replacements, without addressing the question of obesity are bound to fail. Forgive me if you were a footballer with serious knee injuries and your weight is near to perfect.

My job is to be the Devil's advocate, and that means asking uncomfortable questions. If the cap fits, wear it.

Your real question I presume is whether the pain in your feet and groin and back, and the first knee replacement have anything in common. Yes, perhaps, but more likely is that the changes in your knees are also happening in your back, hips and feet.

It's fantastic that you still love your work; we are the same age, and I do too. Keep at it; research indicates that quality of life, and length of life will be significantly extended.

My advice is to look at a committed exercise program for your body, and a look at whether you are enjoying the antiinflammatory foods in your diet. If it's pertinent, significant weight loss; if I've dropped the baton there, forgive me.

And tell your chiropractor that Rome wasn't built in a day; there's no way that a stenototic lumbar spine is going to respond in four treatments. Miracles we do at once but the impossible takes a little longer.

That groin pain needs to be evaluated; pull your knee to your chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder; is it painful in the hip? Our next newsletter covers this subject; it goes out tomorrow. You can sign up at the bottom of any page at Chiropractic Help.

Forgive me, I've been abrupt and direct; if it doesn't fit ignore these remarks.

Dr B

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