pain when walking

by Gail

I have all the symptoms of Maignes, and was given an injection several years ago, which did not relieve the pain. As long as I limit my activity to basically nothing too physical, (no walking or going to the gym) I have little to no pain.

Can Maignes be aggravated by activity such as walking and can it occur on both sides of the low back and hips (with the right being the worse always)? I tried the exercises for Maignes and it aggravated it.

Hello Gail,
Maignes is an enigma and frankly I think it's less common; in fact I suffer from it myself periodically. The exercises do work, but have to be done correctly, and if yours is chronic begin very gently and slowly. The hip hike in particular, done jerkily can really injure the facet; it needs to be a slow, rhythmical action.

Far more common if you're getting lower back, hip or groin pain are the many conditions down in the mid and lower lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints and hips.

If you're having difficulty walking, then I would recommend a very thorough chiropractic examination; just which structure is the spoke in your wheel?

Not being able to walk if very serious; it has severe knock on effects on your general health. Get this sorted out.

Perhaps instead of the Maignes exercises, begin with our general lower back exercises; you'll find them in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

Start hunting for a thorough local chiropractor; you need something more than a few cracks of the back.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a month or two.

Dr B

Oh, ask about a short leg, too.

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