Pain under the right breast still 1 year after gallbladder surgery

by Madge
(St. Paul )

My surgery area under right breast has continued to have pain for a year. It was about 85% gone a few months ago and then was aggravated by tightening up in a very minor car accident. I felt a terrible burning/tear like feeling and can only get relief from pushing in a targeted area there, about three inches below the right breast.

The doctor said to talk with a chiropractor about the ribs and tissues on the see if there is a rib or other bone out of place after the surgery...that then was aggravated further in the accident.

However, I worry that there is a hernia...even though the doctor doesn't actually think this at this point. Couldn't chiro adjustment aggravate a hernia worse? Any ideas? Thank you!

Hello Madge,
Are you talking about a hiatus hernia (common) or a thoracic spine hernia (very rare)?

The former usually results in a condition called Gastro Esophageal Reflux Syndrome or GERD, and will not be aggravated by a chiropractic adjustment.

Mid back hernias are very very rare, and even if it was, a carefully applied chiropractic adjustment is the treatment of choice. But yes it could make it worse if roughly and crudely applied. So could the painkillers you are taking remember. Not could, will...

The seatbelt will save your life but often cause rib injuries. Probably what happened.

The real question is one of diagnosis. Did you really have a gall bladder problem or was this an underlying rib problem all along. The lower ribs run along the liver/ gall bladder region, and in every case the chiropractor has make an assessment: rib or liver/GB. Likewise the surgeon should ask the same question before surgery.

Obviously, adjusting the rib won't fix a GB and surgical repair of a GB won't fix a rib problem.

Find a good chiropractor may be your next step.

Dr B

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