pain under rt breast stiff neck on rt side x-ray showed fx sternum but had no injury

I was wondering if all symptoms are related and if so how.

Hello Twyla,
You don't say whether the x-ray shows a new ununited fracture, or something from the far distant past. In any event, you would surely have remembered trauma of that magnitude.

Either way this needs to be pursued with caution. Have breast examination and chest x-ray, and perhaps a cervical spine series.

Pain under the breast is often related to the rib and both the costo-sternal joints in front and the costo-transverse joints posteriorally. Do you have any midback pain?

Tieze's syndrome needs to be considered too; do you have a palpable lump over the joint adjacent to your sternum?

There's nothing certain about this and I'm simply throwing out thoughts that might be of some benefit. Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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