Pain that moves through my left leg

by Teena
(Akron, OH )

Pain that moves through my left leg after childbirth is not uncommon but it should resolve within a few weeks of itself. If not, careful examination is indicated.

I'm hoping you can help. I've had pain that started with a dull ache in my lower left thigh about a month after giving birth. Minor, but enough that I worried of a clot. Dr said no, that it was just my ligaments and sent me on my way. It has been 15mon, the ache comes and goes, and moves throughout the left leg. One day it may be behind my knee, may be in my left hip, may be in my calf or even foot, and or in the back of my thigh still. Sometimes it is very achy, sometimes I don't notice or it's not there.

I also occasionally have a feeling of a sock on my foot, a tightness, a gentle, barely noticeable squeeze. It changes from day to day.

I work out six days a week, 90x intense videos and alternate with Pilates. Also, I had, what I think was sciatica in the same leg at the end of my pregnancy. Such intense lower back, gluteal/hip pain it would occasionally spasm and bring me to my knees. Never lasted long.

I also spend much time at my sewing machine as it's how I make a living. I'm 34. I've had three 9lb + babies vaginally. I'm 5'6" and about 110lbs. Not sure if this info helps! I hope you have some info that can help. Dr still says my ligaments are just loose.

I saw a chiro who took x rays and set me up on a 15 visit plan. Though she always just said hmm, and gave me an adjustment on a drop/swivel table. Never gave me any indication she may know what was going on. She also told me that one hip was higher than the other. Thank you so much.

Hello Teena,
Firstly, understand that since I'm unable to examine you, I can only give guidelines, and that can be very misleading.

Secondly, a question. Was that pain in the lower left thigh after giving birth at the back, side, front or inner part of your upper leg. Did you have pubic bone or groin pain?

Thirdly, please do two tests for me.
1. Bend slowly forwards and describe to me precisely what you feel in the back and legs, and if one is tighter or painful, exactly where.

2. Do the Slump test for sciatica, see lower down, and report exactly what you feel.

Are you doing any lower back exercises? If not, I would suggest you find them in the navigation bar at chiropratic help, and do them EVERY morning before getting out of bed. They take only a minute or two.

Lastly, in my opinion, with a threatening sciatica, intense daily aerobic exercises is too much. If there is a bulging disc you risk having a complete blow out. At least go to alternate days, with walking, jogging or swimming on the inbetween days. And not at all on the day of your chiropractic treatment.

Let me have some answers to the above, and we'll take this further.

Dr B

» Pain that moves through my left leg

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