Pain, stiffness, swelling, inflamation, colour and heat changes of complex regional pain syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome. Broken colles wrist and factured pubic rami.

I have suffered crps symptoms 5 years. I am in England. My only offer of treatment from my health system is nortryptaline.

I am desperate to help my mobility issues of pain as muscle wasting is now a problem in lower back and legs.

Any information for ongoing crps symptoms? I am 57 years old.


Hello Joan,
CRPS or under its old name, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, is a nasty condition. I'm not telling you anything you don't know.

The first thing to establish in my mind is that the diagnosis is correct. Plenty of people without CRPS get these symptoms.

I need more details. You've obviously had trauma; what happened? And secondly are these symptoms in your wrist, lower back, pelvis or all three? Try and be as specific as you can.

My point is that you could have CRPS in the wrist, say, but a very treatable lower back condition.

I'll be asking lots more questions, but let's start with these.

Please get your xray reports ready, and include those of the pelvis and lower back in your reply.

This may be more treatable than you think.

Please also tell of your lifestyle currently. Are you able to walk, are you bedridden, are you able to do any exercises and just where is the worst of the pain?

Dr B

» Pain, stiffness, swelling, inflamation, colour and heat changes of complex regional pain syndrome

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