Pain specifically down left side of Back

by Ricky
(New Zealand)

Dear Dr B,

Over the years I have always had ongoing nagging burning tight muscle pain down the left side of my back, it is not in my legs, just in the left side back region only, prior to this suffered with extreme tension headaches until under going cranial therapy.

At times also in the middle of shoulder blades still plagues me.

I have been through so many different forms of holistic aid, even Chiropractor's.

I was diagnosed by Doctor's of having either fibromyalgia or Myofascial Syndrome.

However recently I underwent a Tyron Themography Report and showed I had the following in subluxations.

C1,C2,C3,C4 all severe right varying degrees.

T1 and T2 moderate degrees to the right

T12 and L1 showing mild degrees to the right

L 4 moderate degrees to the right

L5 Severe degrees to the right

My question is with the above mentioned would this cause the condition I am suffering from as it very debilitating without much let up.

Is this a case for Chiropractic or what other modality of treatment would I be better suited?

Thank you for hearing me out and trust you can advise best course of action.


Hello Ricky,
I don't know about the Tyron thermography but I once worked in a clinic where we used a similar device, and frankly I stopped using it. Ask to see what the readout is, when done on your healthy, and hopefully subluxation free chiropractor!

Fibromyalgia, meaning you have at least half a dozen active trigger points in your body. When you press on them, you get not just pain, but radiating pain. It's a general inflammatory condition, and you need to look to your diet. Go back to eating what your grandmother put on the table; fruit and vegetables, salads, meat and butter. Add to that olive oil, and fatty fish if you can get it. Avoid the omega 6 oils, and try to increase omega 3; freshly ground flaxseed is good.

Myosfascial pain means poor posture, long hours at a computer for example, or in a car, and probably subluxations in the spine. Good chiropractic must include an exercise program that you do spend perhaps five to ten minutes in every single day. No one is going to "cure" you of this. Start walking, or swimming or some exercise you enjoy, and do it regularly.

In difficult cases like yours I insist on a regular monthly treatment. Not too often, maybe every six weeks.

What do the xrays of your back show?

In short, eat more healthily, exercise daily, see your chiropractor regularly, but not too often, whatever that is. Too much manipulation isn't healthy either. Avoid anti inflammatories if you possibly can.

There are not easy answers to cases like yours. It's great that you're getting involved, asking questions, thinking... ie trying to take responsibility for your own health. Well done.

I hope this contributes.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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