Pain Radiating Down Back or Tingling in hands with weakness

by Jordan
(Nappanee, IN, USA)

Artery and nerve may be affected in the inter scalene triangle.

Artery and nerve may be affected in the inter scalene triangle.

Pain Radiating Down Back or Tingling in hands with weakness demands more tests.

I started seeing a chiropractor over a year ago about pain that I was experiencing in my neck on the right side that radiated down to my shoulder blade. Adjustments did not remedy the problem, so I went to my family doctor. He sent me to get two MRI's where they found no disc or nerve issues. I then began physical therapy that did improve my situation, but far from alleviated the issue. So here is exactly what I am experiencing:

When I sit, be it in the car, at my desk at work, or on the couch at home, a radiating pain from my neck begins and gets worse the longer I sit. When I stand upright the pain subsides, although once irritated standing does not alleviate the pain.

I have recently began a project building my house, and I am waking up at night with terrible pain in my right hand (I am right handed) and numbness in my thumb, index and middle fingers. In the morning it is PAINFUL to pour milk from a gallon jug into a cup.

The weird thing is that when I am sitting and have the hand pain, I do not experience the radiating back pain. But as soon as the hand pain subsides into numbness, the radiating pain in the shoulder blade returns.

I also experience numbness in my left hand, but the pain of the right hand is not in my left hand.

What else can I tell you that would help identify what is going on?

Hello Jordan,
Two questions:
1. When your hand is numb and or tingling, if you raise it above your head, what happens? If you are working above your head, say on the ceiling or a light fitting, what happens in your arm?

2. If you turn your head to the right, and then look up, what happens.

One more difficult test, but have a shot if you're interested. Find the radial pulse in the right wrist with the fingers of your left hand; it must be clear and strong to get a good result; move your fingers around until you can locate it properly. Now turn your head to the right, look up and take in a deep breath. Hold. Does the pulse greatly diminish or stop, AND RETURN when you again breathe normally and return your head to the neutral position.

The more accurately you can answer, the more I might be able to give you some direction.

Is the pinkie affected at all?

Dr B

» Pain Radiating Down Back or Tingling in hands with weakness

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