pain on top muscles between knee + underneath + groin pain

by edward brennan
(london englkand)

have been told i have mild osteoporosis in xray between knees and groin, i am taking 5oomg of paracetamol 2 tablets 3 times a day, it's helping, but not solving the problem,

i had been up and down 3 extension ladders for a few days, then started cycling fast for about 10 days, then the problem started, and it became crippling, and could hardly walk.

i am 79 years of age, male.

Hello Mr Brennan,
If it only started after vigorous exercise then it's not luckily likely to advanced arthritis of the hip or knee. Osteoporosis doesn't cause pain until there's a fracture, and if mild then that's not likely to occur unless you fall.

I would lie on your back and gently pull your knee to the chest, and then rotate the hip. Gently.

It's possibly a femoral nerve radiation from your back, but I think this less likely. Any back pain?

This too will hopefully pass with gentle hip exercise. Next time you take to the ladders and bicycle, remember your age! Congratulations on being so healthy and strong at your age.

Dr B

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