Pain on right side of my neck, right arm, side and right leg

by VChimbi
(South Africa)

In 2010 i started having pain on my right side. Lying on the side would hurt, also when sitting the right side of my back would hurt too.

I then got pregnant and the pain went away on its own.

Late last year, i started doing minor exercises like walking and Zumba. The pain started again. Now the pain gets to my right arm through to my hand and fingers.When i type, my hand hurts terribly and my fingers feel numb.The pain starts from the right side of the head right through to my right side of the neck going down.

The pain at times gets better with movement, but there are times i cant sleep and need to take pain killers. I normally use voltaren, it seems to work. But after some time, it starts again.

My GP said its a compressed nerve and it will resolve its self, but this pain has taken over my life. i can not bear it anymore! please help.

Hello Ms Chimbi,
Your doctor is right. It MAY resolve, the problem being that it seems to be getting worse, rather than better. That's not a good sign, as research shows once you've had the pain constantly for six months, it probably won't ever resolve.

So, my advice is to do something. But what?

The first is to go back to your doctor and tell him plainly that this pain "has taken over your life" and you can't / won't live with it any more. You want a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Taking voltaren long term isn't good either. You may get an ulcer. Any pain in the tum?

Important: take note of which fingers it affects. It helps in the diagnosis.

Normally the pain and tingling follows a specific pattern which you can read at Tingling in arms and hands ...

but various other syndromes like a subluxated first rib (TOS) and Carpal tunnel syndrome may affect the pattern differently.

Have you had X-rays? Old injuries?

It's significant that movement lessens the pain. Take note of that, don't sit for hours at the computer without a break.

Time to see a local chiropractor?

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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